Thursday, November 29, 2007 Video-Flog of John Ashcroft

Our two first big vflogs were Colo. Governor Bill Ritter and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, who we just happened to run into on a trip to their offices in downtown Denver. We questioned them about their position about the then-upcoming Denver Init. 100, which sought to make marijuana arrests the lowest priority. We were lucky to run into both of them in one day! But Tuesday night, we got our biggest vflog yet. Former Attorney General John Ashcroft came to the University of Colorado in Boulder to give a talk about "Freedom and Security in a Post 9/11 America." Most of you know John Ashcroft, chief architect of the USA PATRIOT Act, which began the Post-9/11 erosion of the U.S. Constitution. That is just one of a long list of his war crimes.

Video cameras were not allowed in the talk, but we got to vflog John Ashcroft arriving and leaving Macky Auditorium. He was not happy about it at all. He was also not happy about all the hecklers in the crowd during his talk. Another video we have posted on our site was from someone who clandestinely video-taped the talk. During the Q and A part at the end, Kathleen got to ask the first question, which was "Would you submit yourself to water-boarding by some of us here out back tonite?" His answer was obtuse, as was most of his talk. But the news media has picked it up and is running headlines like "Ashcroft Willing to Be Waterboarded" in blogs on the NYTimes website and Time Magazine's website.

We are very excited and proud to have had such an impact so soon in our project. The Internet technology required is just emerging to the point where it is possible for us to do this. The technology is creating a new wave in democracy that we want to ride all the way to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado Aug. 25-28, 2008. With such significant media attention being focused on Colorado next year, we are hopeful that we can make even more of an impression. Our goal is to make democracy fun again for people, and miserable for dishonest politicians.

Anyway, please check out the new website and let me know what you think. I guarantee you will laugh.

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Chuck said...

right on!!! power to the people!!! grab your video camera and Vflog someone who deserves it today!!! love what you're doing, keep up the good work! I'll try to send you something!